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Cost Reporting

  • Report Required by the Division of Medical Assistance for agencies/providers (by Federal ID#) that earn in excess of $230,000 in Medicaid Receipts (excludes personal care paid for DDA group homes) during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)
  • Includes CAP Services
  • Costs assigned must adhere to OMB Circular A-87 guidelines

    ( irculars/a087/a087-all.html)

  • Financial Statements or Audit submitted with Cost Report
    • AUDITED Financial Statements Required if Medicaid receipts are in excess of $500,000
  • ACCESS Software program is provided by the North Carolina Controller’s Office
    • ACCESS Software can be run on network server but functionality is improved with stand alone computer
    • “High End” computer with ample hard drive space and RAM is required in order for program to function properly
    • Software and Manual will be available on the North Carolina Controller’s Office website. (
    • Software Data Entry Requirements:
    • Personnel Cost/Fringe Benefit Cost distributed by full-time equivalent % by service provided (Auditable records required to substantiate distribution)
    • Reporting Unit/Facility Specific Budgets with Personnel Costs separate from other operating costs.
    • Total Service Units provided by appropriated service code (Example: H0036HM, H0004, 90801, etc.)
    • Special Items Allocated include interest and rent payments
    • Depreciation Schedules for Fixed and Moveable Assets in accordance with Agency/Provider’s own policy. Division of Medical Assistance utilized the “Estimated Useful Lives of Depreciable Hospital Assets”. This schedule is published by the American Hospital Association (AHA).
    • Reconciliation of Actual Units Paid by the Division of Medical Assistance to Actual Units Reported on Cost Finding
    • Cost Reports are subject to audit by the Division of Medical Assistance
    • Current due date is November 1 st
    • Late submission may suspend Medicaid Payments

ESP Resources, Inc. can provide either consultation or preparation services for your cost reporting requirements on either an hourly or project rate. Cost Reporting requires accurate and timely data from the Agency/Provider.